Who We Are

At MAVAN, we believe in the power of people. Our mission is to support military spouses and help them attain occupational fulfillment. We are a virtual assistant network pairing military spouses with busy professionals. As military members make sacrifices to serve our country, we realize their families are making sacrifices as well. Military spouses are, by nature, strong and dependable. They are often well educated and unemployed or underemployed. They are also looking to make a mark on the world and support their families as they support our great nation. Professionals, also looking to make an impact on the world, are busy. With success and drive comes opportunity. Opportunity can often create further time constraints, leading an individual to sacrifice in other aspects of career, personal life, or philanthropy. At MAVAN, we're facilitating partnerships between military spouses, working as virtual assistants, and busy professionals. As a Mavan begins to take on daily tasks, a professional is given time and space for opportunity, and impact, to grow. We believe this is a true partnership. Rather than task-driven, we are relationship-based with a focus on communication, mentoring, and trust. We believe this relationship will enhance the lives of both Mavan and Professional.

Together, you will not only fly, you will soar!

Our Story

MAVAN was born at the intersection of identity and impact. As one sister, Anna, was seeking an identity that had been lost, or at least buried, another, Leah, was seeking ways to make a greater impact through her career, personal, and philanthropic work, an impact she was beginning to believe time constraints would prevent. Rooted in relationship and need, MAVAN started to grow. It began as two women working together, one as a virtual assistant to the other, scheduling, researching, completing daily tasks as needed. As Anna developed an identity through reentering the workforce, developing skills, and making financial gains, Leah suddenly had time. Time rapidly led to increased presence in career, personal, and philanthropic life, which opened the door to making a greater impact. In discussing this working relationship, a demand to work with MAVAN, both from military spouses and from professionals, quickly developed. Today, we are a virtual assistant network matching eager, honorable military spouses with busy, successful professionals. Together, making a greater impact on the world.

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Leah Roe

Co-Founder MAVAN

I am a VP at a health IT start-up, entrepreneur, community volunteer, and wear lots of other amazingly fun hats. There is so much I am doing, and still more I want to do in this world. I am always looking for new opportunities, and thrive on variety, moving, and shaking. I realized very quickly that I will make a mark on this world, however, I can't achieve the impact I want without help. I just don't have enough hours in the day to do it all. I started to think about hiring a personal assistant, when a chance trip to visit my sister, Anna, gave me just what I needed - my Mavan. Having a Mavan isn't just exchanging virtual assistant work for money, it is a relationship - it is a commitment to helping your Mavan develop the skills and confidence needed to be successful in her professional career. It is helping her find or recreate her identity. My Mavan is helping me make my impact bigger, and I get the honor of helping her find not only her identity but her place on a professional career path. This is the stuff that gets me totally jazzed - could it get any better?!


Anna Machniak

   Co-Founder MAVAN

I am a proud Marine Corps wife and stay-at-home mom of two lovelies, Lillian and Timothy. I earned my undergraduate degree from The University of Virginia, and after meeting my now husband two weeks later, found myself in the position of seeking odd jobs. I was a server at a restaurant in Pensacola Beach, FL, a caseworker in an unemployment office in Meridian, MS, and a substitute teacher in Lemoore, CA. In what feels like a past life, I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree and taught elementary school in Beaufort, SC. Like many military spouses, moving every 1-3 years, having children, and living as a single parent more often than not, prevented me from pursuing a long-term career of my own. With each move, I have found myself in a position of reinvention. Who am I? Where do I want to go professionally? Many questions. Seemingly few answers. I began to look for flexible career options and stumbled upon the world of the virtual assistant. Shortly thereafter, my sister, Leah, expressed a need for a virtual assistant. And so, I became the first Mavan. Through our professional partnership, I have gained a greater sense of identity, valuable skills, confidence, financial freedom, and a bigger smile. Did I mention, this is fun?! Today, I'm a Marine wife. I'm a mother. I'm a Mavan. Won't you join me?