As a Marine Corps wife, I have worn many hats. I have had many jobs. I have lived many places. This constant reinvention has been hard at times. Working as a virtual assistant has given me a professional identity, one which I have been craving. I am no longer just Marine Spouse, or Mommy, I’m a Mavan.

For the past few months, my inspiring sister, Leah, and I have been working closely to develop MAVAN. I am so grateful for Leah’s constant drive to be awesome and to make a bigger impact. Through MAVAN, I am beyond motivated to provide opportunities for other military spouses to enhance skills, make financial gains, and find an identity that may have been lost with that box of valuables during the last PCS.

Are you a military spouse looking to gain skills by working as a virtual assistant? Would you like the opportunity to work closely with a busy professional while joining a community of military spouse virtual assistants? Be a Mavan!

Are you a busy professional seeking ways to make your impact on the world bigger? Do you want to help a military spouse gain skills, a professional identity, and a career that works with the military lifestyle? Partner with a Mavan!

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