You’re a military spouse. This is probably the identifying fact you lead with when asked to “tell a little bit about yourself.” But you’re so much more. You’re proud to be a part of the sacrifice for your country, but this sacrifice has left a void in your life. You have some time to devote to employment, but cannot commit to set working hours. You desire a career-related identity, but do not know how to attain or regain one. At MAVAN, we believe military spouses are talented and underemployed. We believe virtual employment is not only growing, but is a career well-aligned to military life. At MAVAN, we are a network supporting you on your virtual journey. We post client opportunities, links to other virtual employment, discuss pertinent training and necessary skills, all with the support of a network of amazing military spouses, amazing Mavans.  While you work to expand your sense of identity, build your skill set, and earn money for your family, your contributions will lead to greater success for your client(s). Together, we'll make a great impact on the world. Together, we'll soar.

You’re strong.

You’re smart.

You’re a powerhouse.

You’re a Mavan.