MAVAN Culture.

At MAVAN, we define culture as our company's values & beliefs manifested in our behavior. It is not enough for us to tell you what we value, we must show you. We must live it & breath it on a daily basis. Culture is something that we own together, and each one of us is an active participant in building it. We love the culture, and the community, we are building, and we are so grateful that you are here and building it with us!


Our values & beliefs are comprised of our Mission, our Vision, and our Core Values.


When we talk about our mission, we are talking about WHY we exist. We did not start MAVAN because we thought it would be easy. We did not start MAVAN because we were bored and thought being an entrepreneur sounded neat. We were called to start MAVAN based on our own personal experiences and the realization that we could help hundreds, thousands, oh think bigger, millions of other women like us. We started MAVAN to make an impact.

We exist to help military spouses attain occupational fulfillment and reclaim their professional identities.  


This is why we exist. We are not here to do the easy thing; we are here to do the right thing.


Our vision is our ideal state of the world. We envision a world where every military spouse who wants a career can have one, and take it with her/him and thrive wherever (s)he goes. 


Core Values.

These are the values that we hold near and dear to our hearts. These are the values that guide our decision making, and inspire our actions. We know that by living these values, by manifesting them in our behavior, we will be successful for our Mavans, for our Professionals, and for the greater community. 


We value who you are, and who you want to be. We empower each other to be authentic and true to ourselves. We will work together to reclaim or grow our identities.


We are here to make a difference in the world, and a difference in the lives of every Mavan & every Professional. We work with impact-driven Professionals, and we hire impact-driven Mavans. 


We believe in the power of people working together. You are not alone. We are here to help, empower, and celebrate each other. Together we will not only fly, we will soar. 


We believe in the freedom to work from anywhere, and on a timeline that gives each of us the freedom to live our lives how we choose.